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  • 'Exercise and Fitness with Pectus' Webinar Mar 18, 2015

'Exercise and Fitness with Pectus' Webinar Mar 18, 2015

'Exercise and Fitness with Pectus' Webinar Mar 18, 2015 will be hosting an online Live Webinar Mar 18 from 9-10pm EDT exploring exercise and fitness for those with pectus.  Topics will include pre and post-surgical exercises as well as fitness and bodybuilding with pectus (bars in or out).

Topics to be discussed:

  1. Pre-surgery exercises
  2. When it's ok to do light exercising after surgery
  3. How much is possible with your bars in
  4. Q&A session with a few bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts on what they are able to accomplish before and after Nuss surgery


Dr. Lisa McMahon

Pediatric Surgeon at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Michael Mihuc

Nuss patient and bodybuilder who has an amazing 4 bars implanted to fix his pre-surgery Haller index of 20!

Randy Siems

Nuss patient, incredible motivator, and bodybuilder, who to many needs no introduction
We would like to display photos or videos of those of you with pectus being active (with or without surgery). If you have any you would like to share, please use the Contact Us form to send them in by Mar 11 at the latest! Alternatively you can post your images or videos to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the tag: #pectuswebinar.
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