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Dr. Notrica is an incredibly gifted surgeon who helped me get my life back. My Pectus Excavatum was so severe that I could fit my whole fist into the chest depression. As I grew, the Pectus Excavatum impaired my heart and lung function to a point where my quality of life was greatly diminished – sleeping 18 hours/day and having no endurance during physical activity. Dr. Notrica reviewed my case and thought that a Nuss Procedure would be ideal for my situation. Dr. Notrica and Jackie Hurley (the Pectus care coordinator) went over everything in great detail for my parents and me. Although I was scared to have the surgery itself, I knew it was medically necessary for my long-term future. The easy part for me was sleeping through the surgery while my parents waited and Doctors Notrica and McMahon did all the hard work. It was really cool to learn that my outer incisions were sealed up with the same kind of super glue that the military uses for battle wounds in the field. I ended up needing three Nuss bars due to the size and the complexity of my condition. I stayed at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for four days before being released. The staff at PCH was awesome and did a great job of getting me back on my feet. I really must stress the importance of doing the spirometer breathing exercises that Dr. Notrica gives you. It hurts in the beginning but gradually gets better – remember: no pain, no gain. I also went through several months of physical therapy at a sports rehab center to regain my range of motion and strength, although not everyone needs this. I am one-year post op and am slated to keep my bars in for another two years. I highly recommend him and his practice for anyone needing a Nuss Procedure for Pectus Excavatum repair, as they were awesome. I know Dr. Notrica saved my life.

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July 07, 2015
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