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We were very happy with our experience at PCH with Dr. Notrica. His coordinator Jackie Hurley was extremely helpful in explaining the process and getting us to the right people for pre-surgery work ups even though we live several hundred miles away in San Diego.

Our son was set to have the surgery done in San Diego when the surgeon closed his practice suddenly. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it made me sit down and do more research on the Nuss procedure. Not all Nuss’ are the same. The surgeons at Phoenix Children’s hospital have improved on the original procedure. I was particularly happy to see they did away with the cumbersome bracket and use Cryoablation. The cryoablation allowed my son to forego the opioids after 4 or 5 days. Amazing!

PCH has a dedicated Nuss program Not all hospitals are as dedicated to perfecting this procedure. We were impressed with the doctors, the nurses, the coordinator and the hospital.

My sons bars went in a year and a half ago and he was able run track a few months after surgery. Before the surgery he could barely do 100m without gassing out, now he is able to sprint much further. We are very pleased. It has improved his over all health and everyday comfort.

I highly recommend this program, doctor and hospital.

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