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Dr. DiFiore and his team are top notch. He and his team make you feel like you’re being taken care of as one of their own family. My 15 yr old son had the Nuss Procedure with a severe Haller Index of 9.7. We had a consultation with his team the week before the surgery as my son also has Marfan syndrome, so he had him meet with a cardiologist and the anesthesiologist. We were given a pager that updated us on the progress of the surgery which ended up being five hours. Let's just say we are so glad that he was the one who performed our son’s surgery. My son's chest wall was stiff more than anticipated and because of the anatomy of his rib cage he required three bars. Dr. D called us during surgery to let us know of the additional bar and met with us afterwards. He said his case was one of the most difficult he's encountered in his 20+ years of practice. The results are remarkable. Our son looks and feels great with his new chest and we are grateful for the quality of life he will have in his adult years thanks to Dr. DiFiore and his team's expertise. The nurses were wonderful as well. We went home with a very detailed handout with his pain medication instructions and he made himself 100% accessible by phone or text throughout the entire process. My son was released from the hospital within 24 hours and we returned a week later for a post-op visit. He was able to go on short walks the next week with minimal pain.
Things that affected our switch in surgeons (he was previously scheduled with a less experienced surgeon) (1) Dr. D uses cryoblation which is a game changer for pain management. (2) He was instrumental in the configuration of the cryo wand and it's de-thawing process before its removal from the chest wall. (3) He also uses a retractor to lift the sternum vs using the bars themselves and (4) uses nerve blockers to alleviate the pain between the patient waking up and the cryo kicking in. (5) He is also on the bar design team with the only bar manufacturer in the US.

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